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Adopt a surf break in the ‘Mid’

After being declared a National Surfing Reserve in May 2016, the Mid Coast Surfing Reserve committee have introduced a new scheme where members of the local community can look after individual surf breaks along the reserve.

The ‘Adopt a Surf Break’ initiative is seeking volunteers to undertake basic cleaning and maintenance adjacent to each break including picking up litter, reporting damaged equipment and emptying ‘butt bins’ created especially for the Surfing Reserve.

“Discarded cigarette butts form a large percentage of litter along the Mid Coast, and a stiff easterly wind blows them into our ocean”, says Mid Coast Surfing Reserve committee member Chris Lemar.

“Not many people know the butt bins exist, and when there is a surf running, parked cars hide the bins from view. We believe if smokers knew of the bins provided then they will look for them and use them.”

The committee is hoping that an application for a grant to install stainless steel cigarette bins will be successful and replace white plastic bins currently in place.

For more information, get in contact with the Mid Coast Surfing Reserve committee via Facebook page or through the ‘Contact Us’ section of this website.