Mid Coast Surfing Reserve

South Australia’s Mid Coast is an approximate 50 minute drive from Adelaide’s CBD. It forms part of metropolitan Adelaide and lies within the state’s biggest local government region, the City of Onkaparinga.

It has around 25 reef and beach surfing breaks packed into 9kms of coastline. While the region lies within the Gulf St Vincent, it puts a cap on maximum wave heights, however, there’s plenty of fun to be had on a good day.

The Mid Coast relies on a south west swell that finds its way through a narrow passage between Kangaroo Island and Yorke Peninsula. When this swell meets the Mid Coast, it produces quality surf.

Surf breaks work on a range of tides and offshore winds are generally easterly (SE – NE). Its proximity to one of South Australia’s biggest population growth areas means breaks can become crowded, but nothing when compared to eastern states breaks.

Mid Coast surf breaks have significant cultural links with the local Indigenous Kaurna community as well as the surfing community back to the mid 50’s.

The Mid Coast is one of Adelaide’s fastest-growing urban areas with an additional 30 000 residents expected in the next 5 years. (Source: City of Onkaparinga)

As Surfing Reserves are ‘iconic’ places of recreational, environmental, historic, sporting and cultural value to the region, the Mid Coast Surfing Reserve aims at protecting surf breaks, reef areas, cliff faces, etc as well as encouraging a healthy lifestyle and contributing to positive economic benefits for local businesses – a sustainable Mid Coast.

The Mid Coast Surfing Reserve proposes to assist with managing and protecting the environmental, cultural, economic and social characteristics of an area from Christie Creek in the north to Pedler Creek Moana in the south. The area follows the Kaurna community’s creek to creek boundaries.

The Mid Coast is a very sensitive and dynamic environment that is an important community asset.

It is therefore worthy of protecting, preserving and enhancing through the dedication of the Mid Coast Surfing Reserve.