Boardriding Clubs

Research shows that at over 50 South Australian surf boardriding clubs have formed since the 1950’s. Many have had their origin either entirely or partly as a result of involvement on the Mid Coast.

Today many active clubs still hold contests, meetings, fundraisers and training sessions on and around the Mid Coast. A very large number of boardriding club members live on the Mid Coast with it’s easy access to the south coast and to Adelaide for work while, often enough, providing surf at their doorstep.

These include clubs for short boarders, long boarders, SUP’s, kneeboarders, disabled, women surfers, grommets, 8footers and body-boarders.

The Mid Coast region is also regularly used for a range of other aquatic recreational activities such as kite surfing, kayakers, surf skis, sail boarders and others.

Numerous local surfers have honed their surfing skills in the Mid Coast and have been successful in World class surfing contests. These include current WCT surfer, Dion Atkinson, current WCT competitor coach and past WCT surfer, Jarrod Howse, as well as Belinda Godfrey(Hardwick), Rebecca Osborne, Brian ‘Squizzy’ Taylor and ‘Chappy’ Jennings.