LATEST NEWS December 2019

Mid Coast Surfing Reserve Dedication Area

City of Onkaparinga’s Foreshore Access Plan (FAP) Stage 2

The Mid Coast Surfing Reserve (MCSR) Steering Committee recently finalised working with the City of Onkaparinga to finally create an attractive and inviting place-making area around the Reserve’s dedication site as part of Council’s FAP Stage 2 project.

The following concepts were incorporated into the project:

Paved apron installed around the dedication site with a mix of standard along with community pavers (supplied through MCSR subscriptions) intermingled throughout. There are further opportunities for more signed pavers to be added in the future.

Current pathway was realigned adjacent to the dedication area to encourage walkers, visitors and tourists to investigate and use the area.

As a result of the path realignment, this has provided an area between the dedication area and clifftop and provides a viewing area across the coast.

This area also includes an artwork interpretation of the MCSR map from Christies to Moana and is sited adjacent to a horizontal stone

wall section.

Attractive landscaping and native plantings have been installed to compliment the area.

Artwork structure(s) that reflect the history and surf culture of the MCSR, eg, Interactive artwork/structure for community enjoyment are to

be also considered adjacent to the area.
The adjacent existing toilet block to south of site has been modernised to improve the appearance of the area.

The MCSR Steering Committee is sincerely indebted to the City of Onkaparinga for developing a welcoming and respectful area that dedicates what the Mid Coast Surfing Reserve is all about.


Hi all. Due to fantastic support for the Adopt a Surf Break Scheme born in The Mid we have had to change the name because we actually ran out of surf breaks to adopt out. The scheme is now called The Adopt A Spot Scheme. Find us on FaceBook.

The scheme at the end of the 2nd quarter 2019 stretches from Goolwa to Formby Bay with 97 spots adopted out. Check the latest stats on our infographic.

After being declared a Regional Surfing Reserve in May 2016, the Mid Coast Surfing Reserve Steering Committee continues to support ways where members of the local community can look after individual surf breaks along the reserve.

The ‘Adopt a Surf Break’ initiative encourages volunteers to undertake basic cleaning and maintenance adjacent to each break including picking up litter, reporting damaged equipment and emptying ‘butt bins’ created especially for the Surfing Reserve.

“Discarded cigarette butts form a large percentage of litter along the Mid Coast, and a stiff easterly wind blows them into our ocean”, says Mid Coast Surfing Reserve Steering Committee member, Chris Lemar.

A grant to install stainless steel cigarette bins has been successful and has replaced white plastic bins previously in place. Thanks go to Katrine Hildyard, KESAB and The City of Onkaparinga.

The scheme has just received funding to produce a training and safety video through SA Water and funding from the City of Onkaparinga to build our sustainability and educational strategies.

For more information or to get involved, get in contact with ‘Adopt a Spot Scheme coordinators via their Facebook page or through the Mid Coast Surfing Reserve Committee via Facebook or through the ‘Contact Us’ section of this website.