The Mid Coast Surfing Reserve recognises the uniqueness of the Mid Coast as a surfing environment, the relationship of the whole surfing and aquatic community with the Mid Coast and the need to establish it as a stakeholder within the region.



                    • The Mid Coast Surfing Reserve Steering Committee will assist State and Local Government authorities to manage and protect the environmental, social and economic assets of the Mid Coast.
                    • It will promote public education and encourage community involvement in the on-going management of this important natural asset.
                    • The Steering Committee will recognise and respect the legitimate interests of all stakeholders and recreational user groups that are compatible with the aims and objectives of the Mid Coast Surfing Reserve.


Celebrating surfing heritage and culture

                    • To protect, enhance and share with future generations places such as areas of remnant vegetation, indigenous flora and fauna, local surfing sites and places of significance in Aboriginal culture.
                    • To formally recognise and celebrate significant natural and traditional surfing sites including spectacular beaches and coastline.
                    • To raise awareness and educate the community regarding the surfing heritage of the Mid Coast region.

Ensuring a safe aquatic and beach environment

                    • To educate those new to surfing of the protocol, etiquette and rules of surfing.
                    • To work with Council and Surf Life Saving SA (SLS SA) to explain to residents and visitors the dangers of swimming in surf breaks while surfers are using them.
                    • To work with SLS SA, Surfing SA and recreational surfers to designate areas for surfers and surf bathers on patrolled beaches.

Protecting the environment

                    • To educate the community, including surfers and local residents of the risk to the natural environment of the Mid Coast surf breaks from population growth.
                    • To work with Council regarding the movement of people on to and off the beaches/coves of the surf breaks to protect the fragile cliffs and tidal reefs.
                    • To consult and communicate with surfers and residents explaining the risks to the fragile environment and the advantages of the Mid Coast Surfing Reserve.
                    • To work with or assist Council in planning and implementing measures to preserve, protect and repair the Mid Coast environment.

Supporting Coastal Park initiatives

                    • To assist Council to receive advice from the surfing and aquatic community in the design of the Coastal Park and other facilities along the Mid Coast.
                    • To include interpretative artworks that highlight the history of Mid Coast surf breaks along the Coastal Park trail.